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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2022

Very obsessive? Woman takes 7 hours to clean her house; case goes viral

Cleaning the home is something that most people do daily and that usually takes two hours at most, but Amanda Klarke is cooked apart, because it takes her 7 hours to make her house, located in London, England, shine.

The case of this 44-year-old woman, who works as a photographer, became relevant in her country, to the extent that The Sun newspaper interviewed her to learn more about her obsessive lifestyle.

“I've always liked cleaning, it's like a hobby. I know it sounds crazy to some people, but I clean up to seven hours a day because it really makes me feel happy," Amanda told the British newspaper.

The woman pointed out that her taste for leaving everything shiny comes from her family, because "my mother was very proud of the house and she always made sure that it was neat and clean."

“There was always laundry, even now the smell of fresh laundry reminds me of my happy childhood. (…) From the age of eight she vacuumed weekly and then I would get on my knees and drag a brush across the carpet to make sure she didn't get any lint, ”she recalled.

Likewise, Klarke told The Sun that when she did not have children “it was relatively easy to keep the house spotless: my favorite day was Saturday because after a full week of work, I would put on George Michael and clean to relax. (…) When they grew up and became more self-sufficient, I began to be more organized: I spent seven hours, every day, cleaning”.

But this activity changed when she decided to share her love of cleaning through the Instagram account @mrskshappy.

“I have perfected my routine and I have a robotic vacuum cleaner, so I spend on average up to five hours a day cleaning the house. (…) Every fortnight I do a seven-hour deep clean, which means emptying the refrigerator, organizing the pantry, and scrubbing the areas that a mop and vacuum can't reach; that's when my cleaning cart arrives, which I call Marcel,” said Amanda.

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