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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2022

With lights and music: the 'bathroom-disco' that causes a sensation in England and is viral on TikTok

A user of the popular social network shared her experience through her account

They say that any place can become a party as long as you have what it takes. In England, nothing could be more attached to this saying than the creation of a 'bathroom-nightclub' that has gone viral on TikTok thanks to its particular way of appearing. How was this possible and what is so special about it? Here the story.

Entering the bathroom of an establishment can be the most terrifying experience that can be lived; from dealing with one that is not in good condition to one without major shocks. However, nothing can be more strange and particular than this one located in England and that it was shared by a TikTok user.

Abi Handle was forced to go to the toilets of an establishment called Perch in the Park, in Sussex; nature called and had to be heeded. Upon entering, he was very surprised to find something he did not expect, and we are not talking about anything bad, but about a huge red button.

This one had an even more peculiar message about him that said "Press him... What's the worst that can happen?". The girl, thinking twice, finally succumbed to his curiosity and hit the switch to get one of the most satisfying surprises of her life.

The normal lights went out to make way for other colored ones, in addition to the endearing 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees. “It has to be the coolest bathroom in the UK, I'm thinking of putting a button just like it in mine. I'll make a playlist inspired by this," Handle explained.

Naturally, the environment was conducive -although perhaps not the best- for her to unleash her desire to dance and she did so; no doubt it became a nightclub inside a restaurant bathroom. Of course, the same user did not hesitate to share her discovery on her TikTok account, where other people have commented positively on it.

"Right now I'm going to buy one just like it to put it in my bathroom" or "please, I need a button just like it in my bathroom", have written those who have come across the unique video of Abi Handle. But how much would a person need to have something like this in their home and enjoy the euphoria of a party inside their bathroom?

As explained by the manager of Perch in the Park, Alex Coombes, for the 'Daily Mail', he would have invested around 700 pounds in what several men and women have already cataloged as "the coolest bathroom in England". A doubt turns out that surely many will reply in his houses. The power of social media has done it again and there is no going back.

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